November 2, 2011

The first photos

Here are the first few photos I took. 

I've been wanting to build this dollhouse for years and decided it was time to splurge and treat myself. My plans are to put it up for sale, once it's finished, next fall in time for the holiday season. And if it sells, I'll treat myself to another RGT kit; the Thornhill. As Alaska doesn't really have any retail sources for dollhouses, I'm finding the market to be on the lucrative side and hope to really make a name for myself up here for commission work and the like.


  1. Looking splendid and so is this pretty blog! :)

  2. Hi Marie,your new dollhouse is so bautiful,I'll love to see your progress,miniregards.

  3. I'll follow your progress with great interest. Having made the RGT lighthouse I know how well they go together, but this is a mansion and I anticipate that you will make it something special. Hugs, Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)