March 2, 2012

The Livingroom

The livingroom has been completed.  These are just bare rooms now, but I look forward to furnishing them when the entire house is completed.  I really like how the livingroom color blends so well with the diningroom.  I tested the sconces on the fireplace and they look great!  Once the second floor is put on I'll be able to wire them in.
Onward to the kitchen now!

February 8, 2012

The dining room

Finally, some more done on this project!  I've been a pretty busy bee of late, so I apologize for having nothing to show for awhile.  With the exception of the left and right crown moulding pieces, the dining room is finished.  Once the second floor gets put on, it will also have its chandelier.  The living room is through the big opening, and is where I'm working next.  I'm loving the traditional, softness of this room!

November 2, 2011

The first photos

Here are the first few photos I took. 

I've been wanting to build this dollhouse for years and decided it was time to splurge and treat myself. My plans are to put it up for sale, once it's finished, next fall in time for the holiday season. And if it sells, I'll treat myself to another RGT kit; the Thornhill. As Alaska doesn't really have any retail sources for dollhouses, I'm finding the market to be on the lucrative side and hope to really make a name for myself up here for commission work and the like.

Thank you, Cia!

I'd like to extend a warm "THANK YOU" to my dear friend, Cia, for working her design magic yet again for this new blog.  I'm so thrilled with how it turned out!!

Thanks Lady!!

Wrap around porch

This is the wrap around porch on the first floor.  The flooring is peel-and-stick real life wood flooring, cut into miniature strips.  I just love this stuff!  The white edge will be covered with a real wood strip, stained to match the surface of the porch. It's coming along! Got my first box of goodies for the dollhouse the other day (wallpaper, lights, etc.), so things will start moving rather quickly now.

The beginning...

Here are a few photos of where I've gotten to at this point.  This really is a massive dollhouse!  I can't get over the size, and I'm only at the first floor stage.

Here are photos showing what the windows and the front are going to look like. I thought I'd add the stenciling at the top rather than leave it bare; the space was just too big to not have "something" there.  Now, they have a ton of charm and don't look so bland..